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13 August 2007
Basra airport comes under regular attack: warmongers show no interest in our soldiers lives.

During the first three years of the British occupation of Basra airport, only 45 rockets or mortars were fired at their base. Over the past two months alone at least 300 have slammed into the airport.

As you can see from the above video, the Iraqis now manufacture these simple rockets in small workshops that are dotted throughout the country. Unfortunately for the British forces, the soldiers live in tents which provide no protection whatsoever. Whenever the klaxon goes off there is a frantic scramble to don helmets and run to the protective bunkers.

Life in the one remaining base inside the city, that is home to about 700 soldiers is even worse. Supplying that garrison from the main airport base is a nightmare - one one recent run the convoy encountered no fewer than 25 roadside bombs.

A debate should be taking place in the UK over what exactly the plan is. We know that at some point soon, the Basra city base will be abandoned, but that still leaves the airport which is now coming under an average of 30 rocket attacks a day. Luckily few soldiers have actually been killed in these attacks, but an awful lot have been injured - some 50 British soldiers have suffered serious wounds this year alone and that is more than in all the previous years put together.

Instead of having this debate, we are tied down with the little matter of the Iraqi collaborators who various hand-wringers want to get out of the country. When asked why British soldiers should remain in Iraq to die for a country that these collaborators are leaving, the hand-wringers refuse to answer.

The conclusion has to be that as far as they are concerned, our soldiers can be left to die.

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Stephen Pollard and Harry's P were asked by Dan Hardy's campaign for support. So there you have a so-called 'anti-war' campaign, collaborating with the warmongers.

I had this classic comment sent through to my blog tonight from Dinah Hogg:

"I was opposed to the war from the outset. I cannot agree that this means that one should not support the "success" of the coalition"

With 'enemies' like Ms Hogg, the war lobby certainly doesn't need any friends!

13 August 2007 at 22:17  

Lemme see if I have got this straight... This Dan Hardy is an anti-war activist of some sort and he is actually organising the campaign to bring the harkies over to Britain?

Yeah, OK, thanks Neal...

Listen, I need a rest from this lunacy. Fishing, yes, I need to go fishing.

14 August 2007 at 08:04  

great piece here in the daily express on the need to bring British troops back NOW.



14 August 2007 at 08:45  

Thanks for the link, Neal. I have taken the trouble to leave a comment over there.

14 August 2007 at 09:50  

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