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25 August 2007
American kill three British soldiers in Afghanistan
Three British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan by the Americans. It follows on the heels of other such deaths; indeed there is quite a trail of them going all the way back to the First Gulf War in 1991 when the Americans managed to kill nine British troops.

Two factors are acting to stoke British outage at the killings. The first is a fear that the Americans will repeat their performance over the killing of L/Cpl Matty Hull, by refusing to testify at the inquests. The British have a right to know exactly what happened and the only way they will get the answers is if the cockpit voice recorders are released, and if the pilots are questioned under oath.

The second concerns the repeated failure of successive British governments to invest in a modern system to identify friend from foe. One was demanded by a committee of MPs back in 1992, but nothing has emerged, or is likely to for another decade.

It strikes The Exile as if this might be a good issue to pressure the government on - certainly it is likely to be rather more popular than the blog-based demand that over 20,000 Iraqi collaborators be brought to live in Britain while the army continues to fight in Iraq.

However, that is unlikely to happen, because worrying about Iraqi traitors makes the world of wankbloggery feel all nice and warm inside, whereas the deaths of three British lads at the hands of their so-called allies is something to be ignored.

Love the Yanks - not.

28 August 2007 at 13:33  

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