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25 July 2007
Where is the British Wilhelm Groener?
In October 1918 General Wilhelm Groener told his emperor that the war was lost and that Germany had to seek an immediate armistice. He also told Emperor Willhelm 11 that the army would march home under its officers, but not under its emperor. Willhelm had to abdicate. There was no other alternative.

Today British generals tiptoe around the truth in Iraq. General Sir Richard Dannet, in a carefully leaked secret memorandum, announces that almost no troops are available to defend the home island, and the army has "almost no capability to react to the unexpected."

Then the House of Commons defence committee tells the government that British soldiers are being sent out on "nightly suicide missions," which the soldiers believe are only about appeasing the Americans.

While all this is going on, just about the only base that the British have left in Iraq, other than Basra airport, is coming under nightly rocket and mortar attack - and, oh yes, the Danes have announced that they are calling it a day and will withdraw their 480 man contingent next month.

Let us be clear about what Britain's 5,500 troops face. They face disaster the moment that the Iraqis decide to mount one big push against them.

So where is the British General Groener? The man who will go down in history as the officer who told the government what it doesn't want to hear?

The war against Iraq is lost. Save the army and fuck the Americans.



Hear, hear!

25 July 2007 at 08:38  

I take your point, but the comparison doesn't work. Groener didn't reach this conclusion until Germany was rocked by revolution and his commanding generals on the front no longer felt they could hold back the enemy. Indeed, Groener only held the position that he did because of the revolution.

The situation in Iraq is hardly so dire in strictly military terms. The political situation, of course, is another matter.

By the way, in the U.S. some officers have begun to speak truth to power, but they are not generals.

Look at the generation gap posts here: http://warhistorian.org/wordpress/index.php

27 August 2007 at 03:40  

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