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27 July 2007
"Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me."
Folks, it's time to play the blame game, and the rules are very simple. Are you a warwanker who is determined to go down with the sinking ship? Then start attacking anyone who wanked with you at the start of the war against Iraq, but who has since recanted. Johann Hari will do nicely, because not only has he recanted, but he has attacked one who still holds to The True Faith. Thus he is doubly damned, once for the sin of apostasy and then for being mouthy about it.

You can claim that the heretic has got his facts wrong, that he is a plagiarist, that is guilty of distorting the facts. You can even pick tiny little holes in the heretic's argument, and then go on to claim that the pretext for war should have been "humanitarian grounds," and wasn't Saddam Hussein a very bad man indeed?

The Exile can understand this type of apostasy - the heretic laying down his friends for his life and all that - but enough people are going to be around to remind both heretics and true believers that the road to Baghdad ran through Belgrade.

What the Exile cannot understand and finds difficult to forgive, is that having waded through all this self-serving shit, and having come across plenty of references to the poor, doomed Iraqis, he did not once see any reference to the 163 British servicemen who have so far died in a doomed adventure that aimed at making the Middle East safe for western capitalism.

Neither, amidst all, the claims of solidarity with the Iraqi trades unionists and working class, did he find any reference to the British working class who have now had to put up with 30 years of neo-liberal shit.

Just think what could have been done with all the time and energy that has been wasted on Iraq. No wonder the working man is indifferent to politics: politics has betrayed him.

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Dear Lord - it must have really hurt when Cindy Sheehan came clean and admitted she was a Puppet/Muppet.

Hope you're over that blow now.

27 July 2007 at 13:55  

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