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31 July 2007
Political chaos looms on the horizon thanks to Iraq
This feud between the warmongers just gets better and better. As we reported on Friday, the apostate Johann Hari was coming under increasing fire from those who still hold to the one true faith. Yesterday he threatened legal action against one blog unless they pulled an article that was critical of him. Basically, the blog had claimed that Hari had made things up and should suffer "career death" for his sin. Actually, his crime in the eyes of the warmongers is that he no longer believes in adventurism - at least when the outcome is as terrible as that of Iraq.

With luck what is still just a fight between second rate minds in the world of blogs will expand into a more generalised civil war within the political class that was responsible for this disaster in the first place. The Tories supported the war against Iraq and still remain an Atlanticist party. They may make the off anti-American noise, but nobody is likely to believe them.

The Liberal Democrats on the other hand have been consistent in their opposition to the war from the start. They and they alone have the opportunity to emerge from the coming mess with their dignity intact.

The question is, have they got the political bottle to seize the moment, and put themselves forward as the patriotic party that will do what is right for Britain? That means telling the Americans to take their hooks.

Rumours are going round of a snap General Election in October. Can the Lib-Dems get their act together in time? The working class is completely disengaged from politics. Can the Lib-Dems not see the opportunity that is awaiting them?


Nice summary. Let's hope the warmongers tear each other to shreds like the pit bull fights that of course no longer take place.

1 August 2007 at 04:20  

For the Lib Dems to do well, I think they would have to sack that old man straight away. He's something of a laughing stock.

1 August 2007 at 19:23  

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