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12 July 2007
Mexican guerrillas blow up oil pipeline
A Mexican guerrilla force, the Ejército Popular Revolucionario or Popular Revolutionary Army (EPR) has emerged from the shadows and managed to damage one of Mexico's oil pipelines.

This Moaist group was last heard from in 1996 when they staged some photo-ops in various parts of the country, including just down the road from where your friendly Exile happens to live. Then they vanished from the public radar, only to emerge again with this attack. According to their communique, the raid came as part of a demand for the release from custody of three of their people who were arrested back in May.

The group and its political wing have a web site that manages to never use one word when ten will do instead. If you don't believe me, just try plodding through their basic documents section - a guaranteed cure for insomnia.

The sheer quantity of verbiage suggests that this lot are a bunch of former students from some or other state university. If this is the case they will be about as popular as a fart in a lift. Trust me, it isn't just the British working class who treat students with contempt.

That said they are clearly copying the Iraqi tactic of hitting infrastructure. John Robb argues that the returns on investment inherent in this type of attack are "amazing".

Only time will tell if my cynicism is justifies in relation to this group.



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