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09 July 2007
Latest warmonger line: suicide bombs are so Islamic
The latest claim coming out of the world of warmongery is that suicide attacks are somehow unconnected to imperialism's wars against the Muslim world. Furthermore, claim the warwankers, they demonstrate just how unpolitical these people are. The warwankers reach that conclusion by conveniently ignoring every statement that has come out of the Muslim world, but never mind. The wankers want us to forget two inconvenient facts:

The first of these is that suicide attacks are not restricted to the Islamic world. The above photograph is from the Japanese monument that pays official tribute to their suicide bombers - the kamikaze pilots who flew desperate missions to defend their country in 1944-45.

Staying on this theme, the warwankers also ignore the fact that the suicide bomb as a weapon of guerrilla war was largely invented by the Tamils as part of their war against the central government in Sri Lanka.

To the best of my knowledge, neither the Japanese nor the Tamils are part of the International Muslim Conspiracy, PLC, to deprive us of something or other.

The second fact that warmongery wants us to forget is that they are very much a part of the conspiracy that closed down our factories, attacked our unions, and reduced us to the level of peons doing capitalism's McJobs.

Globalisation, and the people who support it because they have done well out of it, is what destroyed our way of life. Then it went on to attack first Yugoslavia, before turning its baleful eye on Iraq.

Defeat for that system is a victory for us. The enemy that occupies Iraq is the same enemy that we face at home.

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