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23 July 2007
Agitate and organise: video part two
Making a political video is easy: you just get a few boring buggers around a table and then send everyone who watches it to sleep. Let's look at some new ideas for political video...

Probably some of the most effective, subversive video has been produced not by politicos, but by bored out of their skulls night workers employed at the Somerfield chain of supermarkets. The point here is not that these are technically well crafted examples of agitprop video. They are not, and most break all the rules of video shooting - cameras wobble, zoom lenses are overused and the sound quality is atrocious.

That said, they are wildly popular amongst the target audience, which consists of young, bored out of their skulls working class people. They encourage others to treat their employer with the same contempt as these Somerfield people do. That's all...These videos will never encourage the revolution, but if they help to engender a little bit more contempt for the boss class they will have served their purpose.

As you can see, agitprop video doesn't have to be dull and boring. You can be having a laugh and a joke while you are filming - so long as the laugh and the joke is at the enemies' expense.

Let's think about some ideas, shall we? The social work filth make good, easy targets because everyone hates them anyway. Can you grab some footage of one fat ugly social worker walking next to a thin ugly social worker? If you can then stick the Laurel and Hardy theme to it and a mocking title at the end. Bingo - you have a clip that people will watch, will pass around, and which will make your local social work filth feel humiliated.

Ridicule is a potent weapon, so use it as much as you can. We don't have to play by their rules, in fact it is much better for us if we don't. Most people who have crossed swords with social work filth will have received a letter at some point that explains just how "well trained" they are. OK, so find some old woman who can remember going to a chimp's tea party at her local zoo. The chances are that the chimp keeper will have used those very words when explaining how the monkeys were persuaded to sit around the table.

Your video could then go:

1. Shot of a person reading from the letter.
2. He asks the camera what "highly trained" means?
3. Interview with old person.
4. Return to original person, who says that he is still baffled. Are social workers more highly trained than chimps?

A video like that could run less than a minute. If an issue with the council is simmering, a video like that could just help it bubble.

The middle class has a low tolerance for mockery and questions about their status, so let's give them plenty of both. In a previous posting I mentioned the matter of Codie Stott, the Salford schoolgirl who was arrested for asking the wrong questions at school. Reading a little bit more into the case, it now turns out that when young Codie asked her question, she was greeted by a teacher who screamed the refrain: "That's racism! You're going to get done by the police"

Come on people, this is too good to miss. A video recreating that scene, shot in someone's kitchen, would be well worth the effort. The comic possibilities are just endless - and that is the whole point - it is about using mockery to undermine the middle class's fragile sense of self worth.

These are just a few ideas, and I am sure that you can come up with a lot more. Use video as part of your community campaign: you know it makes sense!

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