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29 June 2007
Euston manifesto crowd really are wankers.
It's official: The Euston Manifesto amounts to nothing more than an excuse for a wank:
The signing form at the Euston site was built in a rush to meet our original publication deadline and fit the Joomla system that runs this site so it had a number of holes that have been exploited by spammers for some months, resulting in the repeated corruption of the list with links to porn sites.
So there you go, porn merchants are not stupid and they know where the punters are to be found. Thus they swarmed to this page 'cos they knew that it was chock full of punter types. Rather than admit that their site catered to wankers - of whatever hue - the decents who run the place stopped letting people sign the manifesto instead. The page still announces that 2,929 people had signed up, presumably before the ban came into force, but doesn't state how many of them are in reality merchants looking for punters.

The Exile doesn't really understand the problem. Both Eustonites and porno punters are in the habit of shooting their wads over their thumbs, so why not just accept that the two are made for each other and have done with it?



This is priceless Ken!

30 June 2007 at 09:56  

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