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25 May 2007
Trying to hide the truth by smearing the truth tellers
Neil Clark is a journalist and blogger who tends to get the little things wrong, but the big things very, very right. He reminds me a bit of Andrew Gilligan, the former BBC reporter, who reported back in 2003 that the Blairite regime had "sexed up" a dossier full of allegations about Iraq, in the run up to the aggression against that country. Gilligan got some of his small details wrong, but the big one, the one that stated that this dossier was seriously dodgy, he got bang to rights.

So it is with Neil Clark. He commented that Bernard Kouchner, the new French Foreign Minister, had supported the war against Iraq. This is not the case, but it is also not the main point that Neil was making. What he was arguing was that Kouchner's appointment reflects a new "alliance of neoconservatives and liberal interventionists that is already entrenched in both the US and Britain".

That Kouchner falls into the latter category is not in question. Indeed, Neil has a rather nice photograph of him shaking hands with various Kosovo Liberation Army types, and he did support the war against Yugoslavia in 1999. So Neil's argument seems to stand: the alliance between liberal- interventionists and neo-cons is up and running.

As with Gilligan, the warwankers are not seeking to deny this fact. Rather they are seeking to discredit Neil's argument by pointing out his minor errors.

Boys, Andrew Gilligan was right about Iraq, just as Neil Clark is right about you.

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