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15 February 2007
Warmongers still spread the "genocide" myth about Milosovic
Neil Clark has had an idea: every time a warmonger accuses the late President of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, of being responsible for genocide, Neil drops them a line and asks them to point out where this genocide actually happened. That the Balkan Wars were brutal, and carried plenty of atrocities in their wake is not the matter under discussion. Genocide is a different thing, so when did it occur? So far none of them have had the bottle to answer his simple question.

Why does he bother? Probably because these clowns keep trotting out the same line time and time again. It was the excuse for the war against Yugoslavia in 1999, and it turned out to be just as much of a fantasy as Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

The people who argue that Milosovic was guilty of genocide tend to be the same types who argued for war against Iraq, and who will probably go on to support whatever aggression the USA decides to mount against Iran. That is, if they are not too busy screaming for war against Sudan.

Young Ollie Kamm has decided to weigh in to this debate, by arguing that Milosovic had legal control over the forces that committed the Srebrenica Massacre. The problem here is that nobody is arguing that massacres did not take place: they did and all sides carried them out. What Neil is saying is that genocide did not take place; that is the matter under debate and evidence of a massacre is not the same as evidence of genocide.

By plowing his lonely furrow, Neil reminds them that not everyone is gullible enough to swallow the warmongers' nonsense.



Remember everyone: next in the Nuremberg dock is the leadership of the NATO Imperium...

18 February 2007 at 11:41  

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