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16 February 2007
Stand to attention!
Michelle Manhart

This very tasty bit of talent was a sergeant in the American Air Force until she posed for Playboy magazine. Now she is an ex-sergeant, but hopefully a lot richer.

The Exile notes the way that her snatch is neatly trimmed and wonders if that is the regulation style?

Yes, I know, you want to see more of her, don't you? Here you go. . .

Michelle Manhart is one smart girl, eh? Of course the Air Force is not going to put up with that type of shenanagin. Especially when its so obvious that playboy's entire "air-brush' department had to work overtime on those photos.

Now she's being removed from active duty?

Of course! After her subordinates see her in Playboy, does anyone expect that they will take her seriously?

First of all the Michelle Manhart playboy pictures are not what I would call obscene, in fact they look very nice. But everyone knows how anal the U.S. armed forces are. It was not a smart move. Hopefully she received some decent money from the pictures.

Now of course it is too late to do anything about it. The pictures are all over the Internet. Major image and video dump sites like metacafe and dailymotion have, or did have, the pictures. It was reported that the large adult site http://www.freepornvideos69.com (NSFW) has them too.

Now she's probably going to get a dishonorable discharge and thrown completely out of the service. Like I said before, I hope that money was worth it.

16 February 2007 at 17:08  

You say that like the U.S. military is worth taking seriously -- besides on account of the brutality and firepower.
Fuck the U.S. military. Don't really care how any of those crackers end up. Either sex.

18 February 2007 at 11:25  

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