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12 February 2007
Blog stupidity
Those who enjoy watching the wankblogs squirm will love the tale that follows. Neil Clark felt obliged to take young Ollie Kamm to court over some remarks that the latter had made. The case was thrown out on a technicality which led to a bout of crowing on Ollie's part, and a claim that he would never, ever, resort to the law to settle a blog dispute.

However, Neil has discovered that he has actually done this on at least two occasions. To cover up for his bout of forgetfulness, Ollie has been posting like buggery all weekend, probably in the hope that we will give him a break. Sorry, Ollie, but it goes against our basic principles to give a sucker a break. Score one for Neil Clark, the Exile reckons.

Staying on the theme of bloggers and the law, Guido has threatened legal action over a claim that he tried to ally the Federation of Conservative Students with the British National Party, over 20 years ago.

The problem that Ollie and Guido have is really summed up by these two stories. Resorting to law is just a mistake in principle, especially if you want to present yourself as a champion of free speech, or as a gadfly hitting the political establishment, as Ollie and Guido respectively like to do.



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