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29 January 2007
Somerfield workers show the bosses what they think of them.
It could be that the BBC was having a slow news day, but this item is still a gem. "I declare the underground YouTube Somerfield competition open to all Somerfield staff", claimed one wag who then proceeded to start the ball rolling by uploading his video offering. Now it seems as if the staff at every Somerfields' branch want to get in on the act by ridiculing the company. The Exile's favourite is this spoof advert, but there are lots more to watch and chortle over.

Good on you, Somerfield workers. Finding ways to amuse yourselves, getting paid for it - and giving the rest of us a laugh at your bosses' expense. We may not be in a position to take on the enemy directly, at least for the time being, but sarcasm, ridicule and contempt sure makes up for some of our failings.

i'm glad you liked the somerfield advert. i am proud to say that i made that video. i'm glad that its such a hit and am well impressed it made the news. lol

29 January 2007 at 23:04  

I suspect that I am probably old enough to be your dad, but I want to say that you are the dog's bollocks! Keep on rocking, mate, and keep giving us the laughs.

30 January 2007 at 08:43  

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