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18 January 2007
Political divisions grow in the USA over Iraq
Opposition to the Chimp's plan to surge 20,000 troops into Iraq is gathering steam in the USA. The Senate is leading the opposition with a resuolution that should be debated soon. Even if it fails it will open up the political divisions within the country and make further aggressions less likely. The White House realises this, which is why they are scrambling to avoid a showdown on the issue.

To make matters even more interesting, the military has joined the debate. This new website invites serving officers and other ranks to sign up to oppose the continuation of the war against Iraq.

On one level all this is all to the good. On another it is worrying for the anti-imperialist left. If the USA is forced to withdraw from Iraq thanks to internal divisions, then the myth may grow that the country was not thoroughly defeated. Rather it was betrayed by forces within; a myth similar to the one that existed in Germany after the Great War, in other words. Should that happen, then the country could be up and starting more wars within a decade.

It should not be forgotten that the Vietnam defeat left the USA more than able to invade Grenada less than a decade after the last American helicopter lifted off from Saigon in 1974. Do we really want that to happen again?

Far better to hope that these internal divisions can be overcome and that the Americans are united enough to fight it out to the bitter end in Iraq. Only if the USA is so thoroughly defeated that the defeat cannot be hidden, will imperialism's shadow lift from all our lives.

Don't you mean the USA left Vietnam in 1975, not 1974?

27 January 2007 at 08:37  

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