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01 December 2006
Mexico has a new president
Felipe Calderon has been sworn in as the new Mexican President, in a midnight ceremony at los Pinos, the official presidential mansion - or has he?

Mexican law has it that the old president goes out of office at the stroke of midnight on the 1st December. However, does that mean that the new man automatically takes over at that time, or is the country without a president until the official swearing-in ceremony which usually happens at noon?

Given the demonstrations that are expected to take place later today - demonstrations that could disrupt the ceremony - Vicente Fox decided to hand over the presidential sash at midnight. President (we think) Calderon then held his first cabinet meeting and addressed the nation on radio and TV.

More importantly, he has spoken to the armed forces chiefs and they are addressing him as president - which means that Calderon commands the men with the guns.

Rumours have been flying around that Calderon plans to send the heavy mob in to smash the opposition. Taking office at this unearthly hour might mean that he intends to make an early start at this task.

Today could be one of those interesting days.

Those BBC reports are some propaganda swill, ain't they? Can't you do better than the fucking Beeb, Exile..? I gave up listening to them and the CBC and PBS and NPR decades ago, bourgeois liars that they all are.

Frankly, I don't know why Calderón would use violence at this point: López Obrador and the rest of his social-democrat PRD crew and camp followers are -- histrionix and grandstanding aside -- clearly pulling their punches at every turn. Just look at how they let Oaxaca twist in the wind. When it really counted.

This lot is not about to give up bourgeois respectability anytime soon. It's the masses these oligarchs fear, however; so why provoke them -- when it's actually the soc-dems' job to channel/shunt their fury into meaningless symbolic opposition..?

Any false move on the part of the bourgeoisie at this point would be from sheer, stoopid panic. And I think they've been getting the better of these petit-bourgeois-led forces of the opposition for some time now...

1 December 2006 at 11:57  

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