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04 December 2006
Hugo Chavez Frias gets returned as Venezuela's President.
Hugo Chavez Frias has been returned as Venezuela's President for another six year term, much to this wankblogger's disgust.

He has already threatened to take action against the private TV stations that chose to broadcast cartoons and films during the failed 2002 coup against him, and the Exile hopes that he will not stop there. With luck, and popular support, yet another country can be taken totally out of globalisation's orbit.

It is strange to see the way in which the south of our planet is moving to find its own way of doing things. What unites Latin-American nationalist-leftists with the Mullahs in Iran, say, is a shared distaste for the USA and that country's policies. Can this ad-hoc alliance be built into something stronger?

It cannot be done on the basis of a totally shared ideology. Latin-America is a mainly Catholic region and is hardly likely to even consider converting to Islam. However, one ideology that the south has in common is a respect for state sovereinty. Could that form the basis of a common, anti-globalisation front?

If we respect each others' ways of managing our internal affairs, then countries that have a basically anti-capitalist ideology, anyway, may be able to form trading groups that would operate in a similar fashion to the old Comecon. Venezuela is already promoting this idea and the country gives oil to Cuba in return for the services of Cuban doctors and teachers. Wouldn't it be interesting if this idea could spread?

It is still very early days, but one can discern, just over the horizon, an alternative to globalised capitalism that is taking shape in Venezuela and other countries.


Wankbloggery seems to be having a field day with the Venezuelan elections. In a post entitled "Elections in a land far far away," this tosser managed to find a photo of President Chavez Frias sitting at the wheel of a VW Sedan - as they are known in Mexico. Just in case anyone didn't get the reference to Neville Chamberlain's comment that Checoslovakia was a far away country, the tosser throws in a German sentence to illustrate his point. Get it? The VW Sedan was developed by Hitler's Germany, Chavez Frias is in one, ergo. . . something or other.

I think you meant "anti-imperialist" when you said anti-capitalist -- because the bourgeois irani mullahs are certainly no socialists, whatever the pressing needs of the hour...

You seem to be forgetting that the basis of all this struggle in the world is class antagonism, based on exploitation. Which is why what will unite us all, irrespective of present delusional systems in place anywhere, is Socialism. In other words: no matter the exigencies of the moment which unite all these disparate sovereign states -- it will be the internal class-contradictions of each which will ultimately decide their fate and social makeup. And don't think for a moment that reactionary bourgeois nationalism, especially of the theocratic kind, is the last word in social development. Anywhere.

On another note: I hear Chávez eats middle-class babies for breakfast; and that his diabolical schemes include secretly building a string of gulags deep in the amazonian jungle wherein to enslave the entire populace of Caracas: to be either mercilessly worked to death in his salt and uranium mines (the latter for material to build the mullahs' islamo-fascist hydrogen bombs, of course); or used up as mere disposable human material in vast underground manufactory-bunkers, churning out expensive designer-clothing, round the clock.

And those are just the diabolical schemes we know of...

5 December 2006 at 09:42  

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