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03 November 2006
Wanker for war keeps on tugging
'Lenin' is neither Lenin nor 'Lenin'. As for Ken the Exile - well - he/it is a disgusting piece of shit and sewage. The national socialist scumbag should be shot with shit and following that, shot with real bullets. In the head.

It really is hard to know what to make of the above comment that was left on Dave Ostler's blog. Quite what Dave did to deserve it, other than host a comment by me, is unclear.

I don't think that I have ever come across Little Willie before, but he is a part of the Wankers For War blog that I regularly use as an electronic arse-wipe. That said, my target of choice is young Eric over there, so why Little Willie decided to join in is anyone's guess. The two of them may be just good friends. . .

Two things, I suspect, annoy Little Willie and his so very close chum. The first is that I fail to see how waging a war against a Third World country helps the average British working man recover the standard of living that he enjoyed a generation ago: still less proceed to something better. Iraq is a distraction from the matter at hand; the nationalisation of the British economy and revenge against those middle class types who have taken the scraps from the bosses' table.

To say otherwise is to continue believing that New Labour offers us anything other than further degradation as voting fodder for the types who run the party. The working class no longer view New Labour as their party, which is why turnout is in freefall in Labour districts. I agree with my own people's view of that party, and despair that it can ever be recovered for Labourist values - never mind socialist ones.

Secondly, I do not share these clowns' views that Israel is somehow important to the destruction of capitalism in Britain. Whether that place lives or dies does not alter that fact by one jot. Furthermore, by calling themselves socialists, and then banging on about Israel, all young Eric and Little Willie do is convince working people that socialism is not relevant to their daily lives. If these two tossers did not exist then capitalism would have to invent them.

Little Willie's "national socialist" jibe is amusing, but interesting at the same time. Karl Marx once told "working men of all countries" to "unite". Well, the buggers haven't have they? So why stick with a failed policy? What Marx wanted was the end of capitalism, and his appeal was a tactic to that end. The tactic has failed, so it is time to try something new.

There is nothing wrong with adopting a nationalist posture, so long as it is clearly understood that it is a tactic that forms a part of the strategy of shagging capitalism. National Socialism, by way of contrast, was just a name: it advocated the maintenance of the already existing socio-economic status quo in Germany.

If we are serious about socialism, then the capitalist class has to be destroyed. For that to happen the middle class that supports capitalism must also vanish. This is not going to happen unless enough working class people start to see the middle class as an undifferentiated mass that stands in the way of their progress. Quite what the issue will be that will rally our tribe to battle is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, I put forward the idea as a discussion point.

Perhaps, finally, this is the one big issue that divides the likes of me from these jokers. They want to play at socialism, to mouth trendy slogans at the latest polytechnic-organised rally.

I am too old to play.

We require an internationalist united front strategy which splits off part of the petit-bourgeoisie. On our terms, understand.

Nationalism is only acceptable in national liberation terms: in the imperialist countries it's simply reactionary. So what that internationalism hasn't worked yet? It's not internationalism's -- or marxism's -- fault, per se. We keep slugging away, komrad.

And who said it would be pretty, or glorious anytime except at the end..?

15 November 2006 at 07:26  

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