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07 November 2006
That's President Ortega to you, warmongers!
It looks as if Daniel Ortega will be returned to the Nicaraguan President's office in spite of American howls of protest. The last time he was in office the USA sponsored a terrorist campaign against his Sandanista government that led to the deaths of roughly 50,000 Nicaraguans. Now all the Americans can do is howl.

Their army is busy providing target practice for the Iraqi insurgents: that's when it's not back home, tired, shagged out and being refitted.

Now do the warmongers get the idea? One reason why we support the Iraqis is because a defeat for imperialism allows space for countries like Nicaragua to elect traditional leftists like Daniel Ortega.

Each country must find its own path. The common enemy that we have is globalised capitalism in its neo-imperialist mode. If the Iraqis can defeat that, then they will have done the people of this planet a great service.

Humanity being grouped into nation-states organizationally and historically, we can't very well avoid this realpolitik for now. But the problem with the nationalist (i.e reformist) Left is its reification and mystification of this relation/process called "nation" -- oddly enuff a very bourgeois construct.

Sure, each state has a certain history, and thus a 'unique' path leading to our common human socialist future. But let me add here that this doesn't imply the rest of us have no say as to what goes down inside any state which we are not a citizen of. What matters is our intention; i.e.: our bourgeois enemy has no right to enslave people, anywhere. We, conversely, have every right to intercede and thwart all actions of the bourgeois enemy, everywhere. This is the true nature of internationalism.

And since the bourgeois enemy does not agree with this thesis -- we fight. So take it in the neck, bastards. See youse in Hell -- and don't be late.

7 November 2006 at 23:05  

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