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06 November 2006
Saddam Hussein's death sentence
The death sentence handed down by the American sponsored "court" in Iraq against the country's former president will have far - reaching consequences.

Saddam Hussein may very well have been a not very nice man, but Iraq's Sunni population can be expected to forget that and concentrate on the fact that one of theirs is going to die courtesy of a foreign occupation and the system that the occupation established.

In the rest of Arabia, Saddam is already a hero: his death will raise his stature to mythic proportions. We can expect a flood of Arabian volunteers into Iraq, all determined to help push the invaders out.

As for the man himself, the best he can do is go to his death bravely and set an example to those who already admire him. He seems to have started this process off by his contemptuous behaviour towards the so-called court that sentenced him.

Also the crap Margaret Beckett was saying yesterday about Saddam Hussein having faced justice in the "full glare of media scrutiny"... That was a joke, wasn't it? Nothing about a fair trial.

6 November 2006 at 08:50  

Where does he get his suits..?

15 November 2006 at 07:29  

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