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09 November 2006
Juba, the Baghdad sniper, has his own blog and website
The Exile's Man of the Year for 2005 now has his own blog and website. That's right: Juba the Baghdad sniper is now online Well, they may be run by his supporters, since the man himself is usually rather busy sending Iraq's enemies home in body bags, but it's the thought that counts. The really amusing thing about these sites is that they are hosted in the USA, a fact which this warmongerette notes with disaproval.

It's been quite a week for Juba publicity, as The Independent has an article about him in today's issue. The article also argues that American snipers have a nasty habit of murdering anyone they see who uses a mobile telephone near an occupation force position. That's the way to win hearts and minds, eh lads?

Sniping is not new, but as this article makes clear, what is new about the Juba phenomenon is the way in which the web and video disks are used to bolster his image and hearten his supporters. Lenin once remarked that the capitalists would sell the ropes that would be used to hang them with; the same seems to apply to renting space on internet servers.

So why not visit the Juba sites and download a copy of the latest epic? It is even available as a .dat file, all ready to burn to a VCD and watched on the TV via the DVD player. A fine Christmas present for the warmonger of your choice, the Exile believes.

Quoting Lenin. That's good, Exile. You're moving in the right direction. I mean Left.

Did you read the links to where marines are accusing the zionists of black ops against them?

15 November 2006 at 08:19  

It seems that all parties are either ignoring or scared to face the problem if illegal immigration
in the United Kingdom. While most of undocumented immigrants are hiding and living in misery, J Reid and
L. Burn are pretending to be in control of the situation. This inertia is will only benefit scrupulous employers

So far we have been listening only to right wing parties and think tanks. That's the reason why I decided to
launch the survey at http://www.skillipedia.com to hear opinions from normal people. Once we get enough coverage
from the press we will be able to relay the result of the survey to the Home Office

You opinion is much appreciated

20 November 2006 at 20:58  

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