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08 November 2006
Democrats take U.S. House
In the American elections the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives and may even get the Senate as well.

This is a mixed blessing for anti-imperialists. On the one hand we could start to see Congressional Committees investigating the war's origins, but on the other, the chimp could argue that the war has been lost because of betrayal at home. Obviously that would be a face-saver, but it is exactly that kind of face-saver that imperialism must not have. It needs to be seen to be defeated so thoroughly that it will be at least another generation before the American shadow darkens our lives again.

There would be more chance of that coming to pass had the chimp retained a Republican controlled Congress.

No one should be getting ecstatic simply because the other war party gets to hand out the bacon now. The thing is to simply carry on playing one wing of capital against the other. Use their differences as a wedge between them. And inside them.

So fuck the Democrats too. Now impeach the other jerks, assholes. We want blood.

15 November 2006 at 07:38  

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