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23 October 2006
Yet more warmongers have a road to Damascus moment
Mathew Parris has a gloat about the number of warmongers who are hurredly jumping ship. An old mate, one Tim Hames, replies that he is not jumping from anything. Good for you, Tim, 'cos you are too small and would hurt yourself.

The Exile wonders if Tim was there that day in the Oxford Union bar when the assembled drunks discussed the USSR's involvement in Afghanistan? The Exile took the view that the gallant Red Army was certain to go down to defeat so there was no point in backing a loser. Head down and wait for it to end was the view of this writer.

If the foreigner invades your country, then enough young men are going to get together to fight that occupation. The Exile seems to remember saying that he would even side with Thatcher if Britain was occupied. In the case of Afghanistan, the USA was backing the religious groups who were tribally based and lived in the countryside. Such people tend to loath the denizens of the one big city that your average third world country has, anyway, but if you add to that the fact that those denizens were influenced by a Western idea called Marxism, that was certainly enough to rally the primitive bulk of the population in opposition.

Well, the same is true in Iraq. Invade a country and people will fight you. Guerrilla wars breed repression on the part of the occupier which leads to more guerrillas. None of this is rocket science, Tim, and you should have steered cleer of this nonsense from the very start.

Stop fixating on nationalism. It's backwards and yokel-like. Real socialists are internationalist.

Ever heard of "revolutionary defeatism" for that matter?

26 October 2006 at 05:06  

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