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16 October 2006
"Where's our cakewalk gone?"
What a bad week the world of wankbloggery has had. Harry's Place has posted no fewer than six articles on the Lancet Report, all basically trying to rubbish it. The comments boxes are full of neo-deniers all denying like mad that 650,000 Iraqis could have died as a result of the aggression.

The basic theme, repeated ad nausium, is that the writer finds the figures incredible, so they must be wrong. To such a level are the hand shandyists for war reduced: they scream like spoiled children that everything is a lie, it's all the fault of the anti war brigade - and where's our cakewalk gone, eh?

Even Good Old Geras has decided that enough is enough. In a confused, rambling essay, the Wankmaster General himself has now admitted that he wouldn't have suppported the aggression had he known where it would lead. He wouldn't have opposed it, mind, but he would not have cheered on the war. The Exile is sure that the families of Britain's dead soldiers will be really pleased by that news.

If the W.G. is calling it a day, then somebody really should tell the Harry's Place regulars that the game is pretty much up.



Pacifists would compassionately 'let bygones be bygones' and forgive these cretins -- and summarily forget their crimes. And the lessons of History to boot. Real socialists, OTOH, will be looking where to stick in the blade, the better to twist it around.

Suffer, you cretinous liars. It couldn't be as much as that of the people at the end of your mercenaries' gunsights.

16 October 2006 at 17:33  

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