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10 October 2006
Want to keep the USA out? Get a bomb!
Well, North Korea has just tested a nuclear bomb and the reaction is diplomatic, to say the least. The Anglo-Americans are huffing and puffing, but are unlikely to do anything more. Say what you like about North Korea, they understand how international relations work in this world of ours. Let's compare the differing ways in which Pakistan and Iraq are treated to illustrate this point, shall we?

Pakistan is a nuclear power. Recently the country signed a truce agreement with the tribes that run things in the Pakistani province of North Waziristan; an agreement that led to the national army's withdrawal from the region. The problem is that North Waziristan is probably where a certain Mr. Osama bin Laden is hiding out. The American reaction to this stunning development has been not a lot.

Iraq by way of contrast had no nuclear weapons, in spite of what people said. She was invaded, is currently occupied, and is fighting a bloody guerrilla war to free herself from foreign domination.

Does the point need to be laboured? Are you worried about the USA and its loathsome tentacles? Get a nuclear bomb and live at peace, seems to be the solution to that particular problem.

This is the kind of realpolitik which separates the REAL revolutionaries from the liberal poseurs.

The issue has always been: why don't the imperialists get rid of their nuclear stockpiles as they solemnly agreed to? Why shouldn't everyone and his dog arm themselves otherwise? Because it's "bad"?? Because the imperialists' mass-media spouts endless propaganda telling us so?? The hell. We can see how the imperialists terrorize the world with their hi-tek arsenals. They need to be fought. Tens of thousands of high-precision nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles and cruise and tactical missiles is bad.

Want World Peace??

11 October 2006 at 15:58  

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