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30 October 2006
Wankbloggery goes into overdrive to distract attention from Iraq
As the British prepare to evacuate their consulate in Basra in the face of Iraqi attacks, and as even the Tories threaten to vote against the Blairite regime over its handling of the war against Iraq, what is the attitude of the wankblogs? Why, to ignore it all, of course, and misrepresent the non-interventionist position - and then call for a war against Sudan to distract attention from the disaster at hand!

That is what the Wankmaster-General does. First he starts off by claiming that we who opposed the war against Iraq now claim that the Iraq disaster tells against an "intervention" in Sudan. Actually, we don't talk about interventions: we talk about aggressions against sovereign states that have never threatened the UK.

He then goes on to argue that the war against Iraq was a humanitarian intervention, when it was manifestly sold to the British punters as a war to remove weapons of mass destruction. Tony Blair even said that if the Iraqi regime would disarm, then the war would not happen. The regime could not divest itself of weapons that it did not have so the aggression went ahead. However, at no point in the run-up to the aggression, did the Blairites actually say that Britain was going to war to change a government that it did not like. Or rather a government that its American overlords did not like...

He then concludes by saying that people cannot argue that post-Iraq there should be no more "humanitarian interventions". That is blatent misrepresentation: no bugger ever believed that Iraq fell into that category and if war against the Sudan ever came about, no bugger would believe for a moment that humanitarianism was even on the agenda.



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