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10 October 2006
A little light relief at a warmonger's expense
Following on from the last posting - scroll down folks - we see that Neil Clark has posted something on his site which basically argues the same thing as us. Great minds clearly think alike. We also share the same view of Oliver Kamm, and on the subject of which, we note that young Ollie is all in favour of regime change in North Korea.

He starts off by saying that a military attack is out of the question, but rather spoils that point by then claiming that this should be kept a secret from North Korea. As if the North Koreans are so fucking stupid that they can't figure out the difference between sabre rattling and real preparations for war.

His next point is that diplomacy alone is useless because North Korea's leader is not rational. His evidence for this is some bollocks by Christopher Hitchens which argues fairly well that NK is nasty, but says nothing that could lead anyone to conclude that the regime is run by suicidal lunatics.

He then goes on to say that China has to be brought in on the action and made to cut N. Korea's transport links. The idea is obviously to force the population to turn against the rulers, but it is amusing to see that the threat that the USA should use against China is that of a nuclear-armed Japan.

Hmm, what happens if John Chinaman doesn't play ball? Come to think of it, what happens if the Japanese don't? The problem that Ollie has is the problem that the Americans also have: matters are out of the USA's control. They rely on Peking doing this or Tokyio doing that: Washington can cajole, it can threaten, but it can't do shit on its own.

Finally, we are treated to a sidelight on Iraq: what a relief it was for young Ollie that the country was attacked when it was - otherside the Iraqis might have got a nuclear bomb all of their own!

Yeah, right, as if a country that had lived under sanctions for 12 years, a country that had undergone fairly intrusive international inspections and which had got rid of all its limited nuclear research, anyway, could suddenly have reversed course and built a bomb this side of the next millenium.

What can we say? Oliver Kamm works in the City of London and is, therefore, a right banker.



The problem with the Right is that they have total control of their totalitarian mass-propaganda media and can say pretty much anything they like, to us and to each other. And damned if they don't. Any loon thought can be expressed by these vicious fools to millions and millions of people -- including the endless wishful-thinking that all opposition to capitalist super-exploitation and their world hegemony would just dry up and blow away. Fat chance that, no matter how many people buy it.

Fact is, North Korea is an autarkic stalinoid, insular state which, due to the exigencies of history, has been backed into a corner -- and is baring its teeth and lunging, like the cornered rat this régime is. And don't think that rat won't seriously rip your face on contact. I think they go for your eyes, rats.

I feel very sorry that world socialism has failed these people. However, the chinese régime has failed the chinese masses too -- just wait for the economic crash and world depression -- and strong relations with a socialist China and CCCP would have been North Korea's best bet to evolve out of the deadend which world history has stuffed it (and us) into.
C'est la vie.

I certainly don't want to see North Korea prised open and exploited by a rapacious world imperialism; and I certainly don't want to see it or anywhere else turned into a radioactive wasteland. But if any country is ready to face that possibility, it's North Korea.

And so in effect the Pyongyang régime is saying to world imperialism: "Bring it on!!"
So go ahead, assholes.
Make their day.

11 October 2006 at 16:56  

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