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01 October 2006
Imperialism on the ropes: defeat likely on both Afghan & Iraqi fronts
British forces have signed a secret deal with the Taleban that allows both sides to withdraw from the town of Musa Qala. The deal will probably benefit the Taleban who prefer to fight in the summer. Thus they can use the coming winter to rest and refit, probably in Musa Qala, by pretending to be civilians.

The reason for this is not hard to fathom: British troops were sent into Afghanistan to please the Americans, but the whole thing was a gamble that the Afghans would not fight back. Now they have and the British are outnumbered and outgunned.

The Ministry of Defence has realised this, and in yet another leaked report has argued that Britain can fight in Iraq or Afghanistan, but not both.

It is unlikely that the government will listen to this, as to do so would be to let the Americans down. Thus a total defeat for imperialism on both fronts is highly likely.

How will the warmongers spin this one? We wait with baited breath. . .

I hear they want to co-opt the Taliban into the régime now. Do these cretins have no honor?? (does a bear shit in the woods?) Does this mean that the City [of London] types -- who are always ultimately behind all this mayhem and mass-murder coming out of the UK -- get a cut of the poppyfield action now?

Now -- howsabout covering matters closer to home (i.e. not where the heart is)? Like the Oaxaca Commune?

4 October 2006 at 05:19  

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