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05 October 2006
Imperialism continues to bleed in Iraq
The cull rate in Iraq began to climb last month and is now spiraling steadily upwards - 22 Americans were killed in the first four days of this month.

What seems to be happening is that the Americans are trying to take control of Baghdad, which means that they have to leave their bunkers and take on the guerrillas in the streets. However, about a third of this month's casualties are from other areas of the country: this might mean that the Iraqis are taking the opportunity presented to them by a weakened American presence outside Baghdad, to mount local attacks.

It is interesting that the Americans have begun penetrating the outer margins of Sadr City, the enormous Shia slum on the eastern side of Baghdad. Juan Cole reports that they might try to take this area, as they see it as the key to controling the Shia militias. If that happens, all hell is going to break loose.

Wait till everyone gets ahold of that AK-47 body armor-piercing ammo the iranis are mass-producing right now. That'll do something for those cull numbers. Yep.

The Yanquis have NO chance of taking Sadr City. Period. I don't really understand how they can keep acting like police thugs, constantly provoking these people. It's like they are delusional and just can't stop bear-baiting. Like they have a deathwish. Frankly, they'll be lucky just to get out of Iraq alive.

I suggest they leave. NOW.
But of course they won't. Because they have to rule the world.

8 October 2006 at 18:15  

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