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19 October 2006
Blair's face saver: if America leaves Iraq, so does Britain.
Tony Blair has announced that British forces could be out of Iraq within a year. What, wonders the cynical old Exile, could he be thinking of?

Well, James Baker has just reported, according to leaks, that the best solution for Iraq is an American withdrawal. The casualty rate is climbing upwards again and opposition to the war is growing in the USA. Even normally loyal Republican Congressmen and Senataors are jumping off the bandwagon. Next month's American Congressional elections could see an anti-war majority installed in both houses. The Chimp's options seem fewer and fewer.

It is in this context that we should analyse Blair's words. He is a loyal servant of the USA, but if American policy is about the change then he needs a face saving get out clause of his own.

These bastards never give up. They just try something else. It's for other people to do them in permanently. Right now they're simply looking for some other angle to gain World Domination. They still think they're the smartest guys on the planet and that they own the place. They haven't learnt a fucking thing.

I've always been of the mind that the coup de grâce to this little crime would be the limeys hi-tailing it out of Sandland and leaving the Yanquis all alone holding the Baghdad. But if things are collapsing this quickly the yanx just might be beating the yobs to the exits.

21 October 2006 at 05:20  

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