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12 October 2006
America might try to hang in there
William S. Lind has posted a sad article which argues that the Chimp will keep the American army in Iraq until after he goes out of office: it is as cynical as that. Lind also goes on to say that it might be better if the Republicans win the November elections:
A post-election Democratic House, Senate, or both might in theory say no to another war. But if the Bush administration's cynicism is boundless, the Democrats' intellectual vacuity and moral cowardice are equally so. You can't beat something with nothing, but Democrats have put forward nothing in the way of an alternative to Bush's defense and foreign policies. On Iran, the question is whether they will be more scared of the Republicans or of the Israeli lobby. Either way, they will hide under the bed, just as they have hidden under the bed on the war in Iraq. It appears at the moment that a congressional demand for withdrawal from Iraq is more likely if the Republicans keep the Senate and Sen. John Warner of Virginia remains chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee than if the Democrats take over.
The article is sad because Lind is normally a man who writes with a bounce and vim that this writer envies. He has always opposed the war; now he can see the army being forced to remain on station until January 2009.

The Exile doesn't think that it will last that long. Iraq seems to be getting ready to spew the occupiers out.

The Democrats have made it crystal clear that even if they win both houses, they will not move to impeach the Chimp & Crew. I wonder how many "lesser Evil"-ites have got that message yet? Most of the idiot Left still intends to "vote Democrat", apparently -- instead of organizing for classwar. But there's still time for that "Oktober Surprise" yet.

And what news of Oaxaca, komrad?

15 October 2006 at 18:11  

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