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02 September 2006
State of the Union address aborted
Yesterday was supposed to be the day when President Vicente Fox delivered his last State of the Union address to the Mexican Congress: except it didn't happen. What happened was that over a 100 Deputies from the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) stormed the podium and Fox retreated to los Pinos, the presidential mansion, and delivered his speech from there to the TV cameras.

Now that the electoral court has declared that Felipe Calderon the victor in July's presidential election, the constitutional methods of preventing his swearing-in have been pretty much exhausted - hence yesterday's events in the Congress.

What happens next really depends on the PRD, and its defeated presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The chances of him accepting the results are slim, but the word on the street is that his support is starting to decline. Mexico has a long history of political violence and instability: few Mexicans want to see their cities turned into battlefields, runs the argument, and will accept Calderon as president.

Whether this turns out to be the case or not remains to be seen.

Kinda hard to avoid posting about mexican politix these days, isn't it, Exile..?

As for 'a long history of political violence and instability' being an excuse to knuckle under to this provocation: that's only the case because little has been solved in México since the 1910 Revolution. The neocons have even been dismantling the ejido system -- one of the few solid gains of the Revolution. Not to mention mexicans suffering the murderous implementation of that scorched-earth travesty which is NAFTA.

The people who like things the way they are, or at least are willing to continue suffering it, are certainly not the ones who will be deciding the future -- and that goes for all those opportunists in the PRD, including this faux revolutionary, AMLO. He certainly won't be leading any real revolutions -- that job is left to those masses who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, like in the developing situation in Oaxaca. And really: the only way to avoid future instability is to go for socialism. Same situation as always. Capitalism is inherently unfair, unstable and a deadend. Capitalism is the source of all the violence and instability you mention. A more open and brutal implementation of it ain't gonna lead to less violence and instability. And many people do understand that.

Already the pigs are posing as fake revolutionaries wielding AK-47s, so these pix can be smeared all over the bourgeois media to scare the scareable. But these scare taktix only work so far. And it loox like we won't have to wait too long to find out how far, since the Right has cast down a gauntlet which the masses simply cannot leave unchallenged. There's no peaceful way around this impasse. The stage has been set for violence, and lots of it, and that's that.

I'm definitely for revolution and I hope the masses go for it. People who fear the violence conveniently forget the endless violence of the system (Monty Python sketch inserted here).

2 September 2006 at 20:09  

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