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18 September 2006
More warmongering stupidity
The Exile has had a fun weekend. In fact it would be fair to say that he hasn't enjoyed himself so much since the aftermath of the Brighton Bomb, when all the jokes about Norman Tebbit being a quick reader, because he could go through three stories in as many seconds, were flying around.

The source of his merriment is the Harry's Place site, and its latest campaign which can basically be summed up as "Let's invade Sudan and add another failure to our fast growing list". The Exile's mockery can be found here, but the site is riddled with appeals for someone to do something - something that does not involve them and theirs, obviously.

What is being asked of us here is that we perform an act of forgetfulness. We are to forget the past 25 years and the lack of council houses for us to live in. We are to forget that the only jobs on offer are for a fiver an hour, and we are to forget that if we don't toe the bosses' line our arses are out on the street.

Having forgotten our own interests we then go off like good little stooges and support yet another attempt by the same old gang to enlist us in support of their actions. We remain cheerleaders for a system that has shagged us for over a generation, is shagging us, and will continue to shag us unless stopped, in other words. Sorry boys, but we remember how life used to be when you knew your place, and we quite fancy seeing those days return. You may want to hide the fact that you have done well by arse-licking your gaffers these past 25 years, but we know what you are so don't try to pretend that you share our values and culture because you don't.

So, as the days of ragged trousered philanthropy are over, all you get from us is a two-fingered gesture of contempt, and a lifting of one leg as a ripe and smelly fart is sent flying in your direction.

It is not just about stuffing your policies, lads: it is mainly about stuffing you.

True proletarians can get The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists free from Project Gutenberg. Other more current -- copyrighted -- material can be found on the Internet too, with looking. Fuck capitalism and buying boox from big corporations: any real writer or thinker would be quite happy to make just enuff to live on to continue with their work; so fair remuneration in the form of a socialist income should suffice. The rest can go to Hell.

As for the phony socialists who support imperialism: you uncle toms have always been an historical footnote. The book is closing on your criminal "mission civilatrice", if you're asking.
Feel it?

19 September 2006 at 00:29  

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