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09 September 2006
John McDonnell campaigns for Labour's leadership
John McDonnell MP has launched his campaign for the Labour leadership with the following six policies:
  1. Withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.
  2. End to privatisation.
  3. Abolition of student fees and full support for comprehensive education.
  4. Restoration of civil liberties and trade union rights.
  5. A green energy policy based upon renewable power sources.
  6. Increase in the Basic State Pension and the immediate restoration of the earnings link.
To be honest, he has two chances of getting elected: a dog's chance and no fucking chance, but that is not the point. The point is that these are damned good Labour policies that have not even been discussed for over a decade. Just to get them under debate would be a triumph in itself; and if John does well, then a marker has been set down for the future: we want our party back!

Should that happen then we can expect to see Labour Party membership start to climb and the members start to take control of the conference and demand that policies such as this be adopted.

Remember: to vote for John McDonnell you must have been a member for six months at the time of the election. So join the party now.

Cheers: Neil Clarke.

Still don't get it, eh?

Exile: Revolution on the Continent will change all equations on your Green and Pleasant Isle.

Stop wasting time with a corpse.

11 September 2006 at 06:42  

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