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27 September 2006
Blair's policy for Iraq: stay and hope for the best
Tony Blair has warned that to leave Iraq now means handing it over to al-Qaida.

Got that, folks? Al-Qaida were not active in the country before the aggression was launched, and the Iraqis are already fighting the organisation, anyway, but if Britain pulls out they will take over.

This is less a political policy and more a frantic plea to stick around and hope that something turns up.

hello exile, I have noticed you in the comment boxes in Harry's Place and was intrigued.

What are your ties to Mexico BTW? I am glad to hear you are enjoying life there.

Latin America as a region is my main lifelong personal interest, due to my heritage being Argentina. I believe that the region is, through historical circumastances which are not of it's own making, as economically dependent now as it has been since the days of the Spanish Empire, and I believe that our country, Britain, played a shameful part in this with it's profiteering at the expense of underdeveloped, capital starved, technologically backward Latin American nations only just consolidating their independence from Spain, and desperate for loans. This pattern of enslavement to the economies of the north has continued ever since, and the need to keep the creditors sweet has overridden much needed social, political and economic changes.

Well anyway, I like your attitude to the myopic lot at HP (they are at least fun to wind up) and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

27 September 2006 at 19:24  

Now that they've completely cocked it up the least they can do is try and repair at least some of the damage they've caused.

27 September 2006 at 21:30  

I married a Mexican - that's the quick answer. I have been here since 1992.

I doubt if the occupiers can repair their damage. That suggests that their motives are honourable - and I have yet to hear of any colonial force that ever was.

28 September 2006 at 06:25  

Blair saying this ludicrous thing proves:
1: He is, as you say, desperate.
2: He is as deluded as the ruling-class and their hangers-on can be.
3: He is a Bliar.

I mean: how could Wahhabi fanatix possibly take over even the Sunni areas of a post-Bliar Iraq? Better the vicious fool and his masters think instead about saving their jordanian and saudi client régimes from incipient revolution.

29 September 2006 at 03:55  

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