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08 September 2006
Blairism's final stand
As it becomes obvious even to the hardline Blairites that the great leader will soon be no more, a cynical socialist can start to hear the arseholes clench over in the wankblogworld. At Harry's Place, they are bleating that "the over-riding issue. . . is the global struggle against violent Islamism. . ."

The issue, dear reader, is as it always have been. Stripped of all the fancy rhetoric - which most Labour voters were never interested in, anyway, what the Labour Party stands for are jobs, control over those jobs via the unions and redistributive taxation.

The party went off the rails in the 1980s with issues that were only of concern to middle class types - the isms and ologies that the polyocracy find so appealing, but which leave the rest of us cold.

Yet in spite of those issues that so turned off the ordinary voter, there was enough decent Labour policy to ensure that come election time, the tribe rallied to the flag. Divisions within the Labour Movement kept us out of office, but that still did not stop Labour from turning large parts of the country into one-party fiefdoms where the Tories feared to tread.

Blairism led to a disengagement from politics on the part of the working class. As a result turnout at elections is now down to below 60% - and this in a country that regularly saw over 70% of the electorate vote in the 1980s.

So, stuff these wankers who want to keep hold of our party whilst they continue to conjure up enemies for our sons to fight: the real issues are jobs, strong unions to keep the bosses in their place and high taxes on the middle class to pay for it all.

Oh, well said. Perfectly put, in fact.

8 September 2006 at 21:32  

Howsabout some cynicism over the Mexican situation, huh?

11 September 2006 at 06:38  

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