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14 September 2006
Anbar province set to fall
This blog reported a week ago that Anbar province had been virtually taken over by the Iraqi guerrillas and the Americans have now pretty much admitted that it has fallen from their control:
Marine Maj. Gen. Richard Zilmer spoke in response to a report from a senior Marine intelligence officer, Col. Peter Devlin, that said the political and security situation in Anbar had deteriorated so much that only more aid and another division of troops - about 10,000 to 15,000 - could turn things around. The Washington Post on Monday was the first to report on Devlin's confidential report, which was prepared in August.
Could the Americans be preparing to abandon the whole province to the Iraqi nationalists? If not, where are the extra troops going to come from? Certainly not from the rest of Iraq - as the report makes clear, they are stretched to the limit in the rest of the country as it is.

I've expected the fall of the jordanian and saudi (and egyptian) dictatorships to come out of an expanding middle east war; and the only reason either country is not more deeply in trouble IMO is because about the only thing the yanquis have done half-successfully is work the internal divisions of Iraq so that the Resistance could not act as a unified front.

However, surrounded on all sides by forces outside the control of imperialism, I think the jordanian police state is treading on pretty thin ice about now. And what I'm reading on the Angry Arab blog about Jordan and seeing on middle east TV only confirms this, to-the-tenth-power.

This is a serious, serious defeat for the imperialists. And so they have to spin it into a "success" somehow. I suggest they contact the zionists on how to do that.

16 September 2006 at 21:15  

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