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06 September 2006
Americans lose control of al-Anbar province in Iraq
It is emerging that the American's have pretty much lost control of al- Anbar province in Iraq. So bad has the situation become that the Americans are reported to be pleading with the nationalist guerrillas to cease their attacks. The promise is that if the guerrillas call it a day, then the Americans will withdraw to their bases and leave the province's cities alone. So far the guerrillas have refused to take the bait and Americans continue to die in this province.

Of all the provinces in Iraq, al-Anbar is the most heroic. The locals guerrillas have so far managed to cull almost 1,000 Americans, a total that amounts to over a third of the 2,657 occupiers who have so far received a one-way ticket home in a body bag.

al-Anbar is home to the cities of Fallujah, Ramadi and Habaniyah: names that will be remembered as the places where the new colonialism was stopped in its tracks.

Those numbers are bogus. Who knows how many imperialists have died, since the US and their stooges are truth-allergic -- but it's gotta be way more than 3.000.

Keep culling away guys, since the Master Race still doesn't take a hint and leave.

11 September 2006 at 06:21  

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