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21 September 2006
75% of Iraqi Sunnis now support the resistance
An overwhelming 75% of Iraq's Sunni population now supports the guerrillas in their fight to end the country's ongoing occupation, according to a leaked Pentagon report.

And so it goes on. Back in 2003 only some 14% of the Sunnis supported the guerrilla fight, but three years of occupation have increased to numbers to unstoppable levels.

What will the warmongers say about this? Probably nothing - far better to try and distract attention with fantasies of genocide in Sudan than face up to the reality of a failed aggression that they cheered on.

Gee. I thought the numbers were a lot higher a lot earlier. These were trotted out the "week of flowers" -- i.e. the first week of the invasion -- or sumthin? And not that we should trust the enemy's stats, eh. But when that's all you have to go on...

IMO the reason the number wouldn't be 98% is because there are a lot of scared, dumb people -- usually @ 20% of the population everywhere -- who believe everything the government tells them. Like how here the Occupation is saving them from something even worse.

Iran invasion? Nukes? BRING `EM ON I say -- if only to save the people of the planet from a Thousand-Year anglo-amerikkkan Reich. You heard Bush's U.N. speech. We can't say we weren't warned. Chávez sez to rise up?? Where's the line forming!?

21 September 2006 at 22:19  

Yup, as you say, all we have to go on are the Americans own figures.

75% is amazing for that reason - people were prepared, I suppose, to talk when under occupation and give this opinion.

22 September 2006 at 05:37  

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