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25 August 2006
What is a michelada and how do I get one?
Back home earlier this year and the Exile noted people in London drinking Corona beer from the bottle with a slice of lemon jammed in the neck. Upon enquiry he was told that this was the Mexican way to swig beer. The Exile was forced to point out the error in their ways.

No Mexican will drink beer out of the bottle. Well, some do, but they are the malinchistas - those creatures who prefer Western things to the local varieties. They drink out of the bottle because they think that is how the Americans behave, but the real Mexican drinks his beer as a michelada, and for that you need to:

Take a tall glass and wet the rim. Then upend the glass in a saucer of salt - the rim should be covered in the stuff. Next drop about half and inch of lemon juice into the glass and add your beer. Any beer will do and the result is an authentic Mexican michelada. It's the only way to swill in a cantina.

Basically, Mexicans drink like this because it is a cheap way to get drunk - the salt and lemon helps you get dehydrated and, thus, pissed out of your head even easier. Still, the taste is nice and the Exile has been swigging micheladas in a cantina called la Perla tonight.

Hell -- all that us north american peasants used to do in the days when women weren't allowed in mens' bars was shake salt into our draft beer while we played "shuffleboard". Or mostly ate salty chips with the beer, as I preferred (that's north american potato chips, not 'french fries').

I also liked my draft with pickled eggs.
Those were the days. Gone forever.

At least the influence of the Orangemen went with them.

26 August 2006 at 23:46  

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