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19 August 2006
Middle class insolence
Neil Clark reports on a worrying trend which he dismisses with contempt: the problem is that it does reflect a disturbing change in inter-class relations in the UK. Basically, the report concerns the desire of Newcastle City Council to stop its workers from using such expressions as "pet" and "hinnie" in everyday speech.

On one level this can be dismissed as the desire of the "equality and diversity" lecturers who came up with this wheeze to justify their own overblown salaries. In the Exile's experience such people tend to be products of the old polys and are, therefore, thick as the Exile's dick. Good fun can be had with these creatures just by wondering out loud why they did not go to Oxbridge? Or a redbrick? Or one of those nice glassplate universities that Harold Wilson opened in the 1960s? Is it difficult to live knowing that you are a brick short of a load? You can have hours of merry fun with open speculation like that - drives 'em daft, it does.

However, on a more serious level, this attack - and others just like it - reflects a desire by the middle class to exert its control over the working class. Smoking is an issue that demonstrates the same trend: we don't do something, so neither are you, goes the middle class argument.

In normal times all this could be dealt with by the unions and the Labour Party. That is because when both those groups were strong the middle class was frightened of nasty consequences if they got too lippy. However, today the unions are small in both numbers and membership and the Labour Party has been taken over by the same middle class who caused us such grief in the first place.

On a personal level, insolence can usually be dealt with via threats of violence. On one of his trips back to the UK the Exile and son had eaten a curry in London. The Exile lit a tab and heard muttering from a couple about this fact. Not a complaint, just sotto voce mutterings. So the Exile stood up and asked in a very loud voice if they wanted to fucking well say something? They didn't and left the eating house shortly afterwards.

The problem with this approach is that while it may work to educate the odd one or two creatures, it doesn't work on the mass of them. What is needed is a working class that has the confidence that it possessed in the 1970s to basically stick two fingers up to these human cockroaches.

Alas, for that to happen the working class needs an organisation that can articulate these grievances and encourage the fightback: and such a body does not exist.

Pending its creation, the Exile can at least take comfort from the fact that two cockroaches learned their place three years ago. He hopes that the lesson has been remembered.

The real issue with the couple was whether the smoke from your cigarette (we don't call them "fags" here. That would be, uh, misunderstood...) actually reached them or not. And I mean not just barely. If you were blowing smoke-rings in their faces, they would indeed have had a point (same with jerx who insist on lighting up in bus shelters, etc. when they can just as easily take a few steps downwind)... Otherwise they would be exactly the type of busy-bodies you're digging-into here.

And it's absolutely true that these "middle-class" busy-bodies represent a threat to the working-class and to freedom in general. They do the work of the Rich when they assert this pinched-ass hegemony over us. This here is actually the intersection of the totalitarian mentality with Political Correctness. And this is one main way the Right uses the PC fools of the Left to advance their plans for total mind control. And don't anyone think it's not consciously worked-out either...

One thing I have learnt in politix is that pretty much the only thing which separates people on the Left from people on the Right is the ideology (duh) -- which implies (not to them of course) that there is no end of fools and even dummies on the Left. Only the intelligence of the ideology gives Leftists any intellectual 'edge' over Rightists -- which many Leftists, of course, make little use of, except as perhaps a fashion-statement.

This rather low grade of intellectual development ends up producing no end of "politically-correct" types, Left or Right (I'm always accused of being such myself, on account of my, in fact, straightforward "PC" statements -- but in fact I'm one of those who actually understands what Political Correctness means and where it came from -- and how it is actually supposed to be used; which is certainly not this vulgar, petty form. Of course this is not understood at all by many of our komrads...) who spend more time policing their komrads than even thinking about smashing the bourgeoisie (many never even get THERE. Not even close).
They are so dense (politically anyway) they do not comprehend how their penchant for social engineering is so easily hijacked by both the liberal and fascist wings of the bourgeoisie to advance their own interests under cover of this "PC" Thought.

And then this kind of shit happens here; where this parochial shit is suddenly revealed in the full light of day -- and stinx up the joint. And then the Left (or the Right, in whichever case) gets its rather deservedly bad reputation for being little stalins and hitlers...

The solution, as always is democratic structure. Even these councils are not very democratic, are they? So what people vote for them? Voters seldom know the issues; they get manipulated; they can't recall these essentially unaccountable jerx, etc., etc. And so we get bureaucracies up and down, where decisions are made behind closed doors and handed down from On High, etc. In a real, people's participatory democracy, such issues of tradition vs. "respect" (every time I hear that word I reach for my...) would be dealt with OPENLY on an immediate, daily basis. Nothing would be allowed to get to this ridiculous stage. Or worse.

So-called "Political Correctness" -- not to be confused with having the correct political line -- is where the brain stops working on the Left or Right. However, in this particular classwar, the Right can and does make far more use of the Left's PC idiocies to advance its own goals, than the other way `round. But in any case, anyone who engages in it is demonstrating conclusively that they have not learned their democratic lessons. "PC" is a threat to democracy, from whichever end of the political spektrum. Today it may be watching your words. Tomorrow it may be making Sophie's Choice.

19 August 2006 at 10:09  

They were sitting next to the wall and we were in the middle of the room, so there was about ten feet between us.

19 August 2006 at 19:44  

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