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03 August 2006
Iraq ready for civil war, says former ambassador
William Patey, Britain's outgoing ambassador to Iraq, has warned that the country faces civil war and a breakup along ethnic lines.

This will come as a shock to scabby-arsed Blairites everywhere, especially the usual suspects in the Blogworld. They will not doubt reply that we should offer some positive solution to the problem. Sorry, lads, but the Exile doesn't do positive solutions to imperialist wars of aggression. He just sits back and watches as the best laid plans of mice and warmongers get flushed down the bog.

There are forces at work trying to bridge the crax prised open by these scheming imperialist shits, such as various workers' organizations, the core of the Resistance, and especially Moqtada as-Sadr and his movement. But, of course, it's a lot easier to wreck things than it is to create, build or maintain them. So there's little hope of avoiding more bloodshed -- except that, in their insane haste to rule the world ASAP, the imperialisti don't seem to give a fuck that by drawing Iran and Suria into this war -- essentially fully regionalizing it from the Mediterranean to the Philippines -- and beyond -- that they are totally transforming the nature of the frankenstein beast they have created.

I really don't understand what makes these fully delusionally, truly insane people think they are going to win here. Hubris doesn't begin to cover the bases here... They have their Nuke Iran plan ready to go? Bio-terror c/o the Fort Detrick terror laboratories? Speeding up the eugenix/genocide programs to nazi-esque levels so they can finally rid the world of the "inferior" races? World-wide martial law for the NATO gangster countries? What?

Whatever the answer: they're going down. If they pull the plug here, now -- they're going down all the sooner.

3 August 2006 at 09:49  

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