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29 August 2006
Hand shandyism rushes to catch up on Iraq death squad news.
Back in January of this year Newsweek magazine ran an article about the Iraqi death squads. They argued that the Americans had pretty much run out of options and were using the El Salvador option: recruit, train and arm death squads and then turn them loose on the nationalists.

First in May and then again in June, your friendly Exile commented on these trends and basically said that their use marks the penultimate stage of a guerrilla war: what comes next is that everyone piles in against the occupiers and the war ends in defeat for the aggressor.

Now, almost a year after Newsweek began this discussion, a hand shandy blog has decided to weigh in with its considered view of the slaughter:
Anyone who hopes for a stable democracy and the rule of law in Iraq realizes that at some point, the Iraqi government will have to confront the lawless Shia militias as well as the Sunni insurgents.
Er, yeah, except they are not going to do any such thing, are they? Partly because that isn't what the imperialists want, but mainly because the puppet regime's soldiers are in it for the money: the guerrillas and the militias are the ones fighting for nationalism or religion, and those two tend to trump a pay packet any day. Besides, most of the militias' leaders are in the so-called Iraqi government, anyway.

Still, it's nice to see that the hand shandyists are waking up to what the rest of us have known about for months, even if their only solution is more of the same old wank. Guess what, lads? That way lies defeat for you and a wild party for us.

Update, 12.30am:

The Mahdi Army, a militia loyal to the cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, may have driven the puppet forces out of the town of Diwaniyah in southern Iraq. al-Sadr's party has five seats in the puppet govenment, but has never shown any inclination to collaborate with the occupation.

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