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17 August 2006
Exile agrees with Harry's Place - well, sort of.
It's hard to believe, but the Exile stands in complete agreement with a recent posting at Harry's Place. Even more amazing is that the poster is from their wanker in residence: step forward Dave T.

Basically, Dave argues that a telephone company named Orange was out of order to suspend a bloke for writing something nasty about Arabs in his free time. OK, so it's a freedom of speech case and we are all with Inigo Wilson, even though he is a Tory cunt as well.

So far so good, but Dave has to balls his own case up in a way that only he can. He does call himself a socialist, but always fucks up the first principles. I know, what can you expect, but at least he should try harder. His first fuck up comes when he argues that the bosses may have grounds for giving grief to people if "they betray corporate secrets or defame their employers.".

Someone might like to tell this clown that to betray something means that you must first have had a loyalty to it. What working man has ever had anything other than atavistic loathing for his employer? Leading on from that, how can we defame our employers? To defame means to harm the reputation of someone; and since the employer does not have a reputation in the minds of working people, how can it be damaged?

The second point that needs taking issue with is the idea that "Orange is a private company, which is entitled to take any decision it wants to, consistent with employment law, in relation to its employees.".

My arse it fucking well is! Orange may have the power to do what it likes, but it has no right to do anything, and we as socialists must never conceed to management filth any such power. If the filth want us to obey their edicts then they must coerce us - only then will we obey and only so long as the coercion lasts. Otherwise it's two fingers to the boss and who has the playing cards?

All of this is a sort of Socialism 101. The employer has no rights that we respect, only coercive powers that we kick up against. He is scum and knows that he is scum because we tell him at every opportunity.

That said, let's support this bugger Inigo Wilson, because a victory for him is a victory against employers everywhere.

Can someone please tell Dave T. that this is what it is all about?



This is the same logic behind the totalitarian boyscout logic we're often hectored with that lying is bad, not to mention that we must all obey the law... because, well -- it's the law, and it must be obeyed!

In a pig's eye.

What this logic is really all about is total submissiveness to power -- and even the expectation that we shall all inform on each other to the nearest authority. Like I said: totalitarianism has long been here already.

This is police logic. The logic of pure force. The antithesis of democracy.

And so every, intelligent, democratic-minded worker (and human being for that matter) understands full well that it is perfectly correct and proper and moral to lie to the "authorities". They do not deserve the truth from our lips most of the time, let alone our loyalty. Where truthfulness -- and true loyalty -- do matter is in all other (equal, or at least honest) human relations.
'Fealty to the master' is not one of those relations.

So go fuck off bosses. Go fuck off police. Wanna fight?

17 August 2006 at 20:08  

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