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26 August 2006
British forced to abandon major Iraqi base.
The British were forced to abandon a major base in southern Iraq yesterday in the face of Iraqi attacks. A spokesman put a brave face on the retreat, claiming that it could not be called a defeat, since the British had not suffered "significant casualties". Work that one out for yourselves.

The Mahdi Army are certainly hailing it as a victory, and are claiming that "This is the first Iraqi city that has kicked out the occupier!" Even the British spokesman had to admit that the almost constant attacks that the base suffered was a factor in the decision to abandon it.

The base was handed over to the Iraqi puppet forces and the rest of us sat back and laughed as Iraqi civilians looting the place. Even funnier than the TV footage, was the views of Britain's optimistic spokesman, who claimed that the looting "was more of an attempt to improve one's quality of life by making off with an air conditioner. The crux of the issue is economic, its not malice. Call it a peace dividend." Yeah, right - the Iraqis took a piece of everything, including the roofing, windows and plumbing.

One wonders how the warmongers will try to explain this one away? The most likely answer is that they will try to ignore it, just as they have been ignoring the impending disaster for some time now.

I don't think it's physically possible for these people to stop lying. It's become so ingrained in them they'd become violently ill if they tried.

Let's see how they spin being driven into the sea.

26 August 2006 at 23:53  

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