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30 August 2006
Americans start to turn on Britain
The main problem that a loyal little doggie has is that it tends to get kicks, rather than praise, from its master. This is doubly true in the field of international relations, and should serve as an object lesson to those who think that a craven attitude towards the United States is in Britian's interests.

Harold MacMillan used to say that Britain was as the Greeks to the American's Romans. He conveniently forgot to mention that the Greeks were Roman slaves - an lesson that, sadly, has never been learned by any British Government of whatever political shade.

Now the American masters have begun to kick their little British doggie. The New Republic magazine, an American Neocon rag, has this to say after all Blair's loyalty, and after so many British deaths:
In the wake of this month's high-profile arrests, it can now be argued that the biggest threat to US security emanates not from Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather from Great Britain, our closest ally.
So much for dog-like devotion to a foreign country.

As the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday, the New Republic is not alone in its criticism of the United Kingdom - lot's of other American rightists are joining in the attacks. From the point of view of a British socialist, all this is to the good if it gets the Americans out of Britain and Britain out of NATO.

However, wouldn't it be hilarious if, after having lost their war in Iraq, the Americans were to turn on Britain and use London as the scapegoat for a lost war? They will need a scapegoat, that's for sure, because otherwise they would have to analyse their own failings. A far better solution is to look elsewhere and shove on the blame on whatever mug seems the most likely candidate to carry the can. A Britain that has too many Mussies in it? That will do nicely.

The Exile thinks that it is time to start agreeing, at least in public, with this aspect of American thought. Anything to help break the alliance between London and Washington.

Let's get past the nationalism, eh? This is a real blindspot with a supposed socialist, you know. Nationalism mixed in with socialism is a hallmark of social-democracy... amongst others.

The internationalist angle, like I keep saying here, is to simply always separate out the class composition of each country and its situation -- and then show our solidarity with our like komrads in all countries.

Let's not follow the logic of our enemies. We have our own logic. And it's way better too.

2 September 2006 at 18:34  

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