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18 July 2006
Some thoughts on Israel's war aims.
Time has an account of the fighting in Lebanon that contains this revealing paragraph:
In the case of Hizballah, especially, the Israelis are going well beyond retribution, taking an opportunity to degrade the organization's capabilities and, perhaps, cripple the group permanently. Said Defense Minister Amir Peretz: "The goal is for this to end with Hizballah so badly beaten that not a man in it does not regret having launched this incident."
Put another way, if Israel does not leave Hizballah thus weakened they will have lost this round. Given that rockets are still blasting into Israeli cities, such an outcome seems far from certain.

And that's why, in the context of this being another front in the neocon imperialists' bid for world domination -- expect it to escalate. To include Suria & Iran. In spite of all Peace junketeering. Because indeed: to fight to a draw is the same as a complete rout for the zionists. Cooler heads will not prevail. But I'm curious to see people try...

The "best" I can see from my vantage-point inside this cave is that, knowing all this -- and more -- the imperialists and their zionist stooges will be/are opting for some "stand-off" war of attrition -- hoping by hi-tek means to somehow pull a rabbit out of a hat here (a kosher one). So maybe, this might not escalate out of control quite yet. but I would lay long odds on that.

However -- as the Angry Arab sez: he can easily envision the zionists working feverishly to split open the crax in lebanese society -- hoping to create all-out civil war again.

Aren't our masters good to us? Is this not the best of all possible worlds we live in?

18 July 2006 at 22:48  

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