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27 July 2006
Press is now wondering if Israel might lose Lebanon adventure
Yesterday the Exile argued that Israel might just be on course to lose its little adventure into Southern Lebanon. Less than 24 hours later much of the mainstream press has started wondering the same thing. From Robert Fisk in London to America's MSNBS, via Germany's Der Spiegel, the word is the same: Israel went into the town of Bint Jbail and her soldiers got a serious kicking from Hezbollah.

Of course the Battle of Bint Jbail is not the reason why Israel could lose this conflict; neither should anyone expect the Israeli army to be forced to send an officer out between the lines with a white flag and orders to negotiate a surrender. Hezbollah will win if on the day of the ceasefire it is still able to lob missiles into Israel and if its soldiers are still able to fight.

Some in Israel may be aware of this, which is why the bodies of dead Hezbollah soldiers are being collected and transported back to Israel. They can be used as gruesome bargaining chips for the return of dead Israelis in a month's time opr so when the ceasefire is finally imposed on Israel.

Right... now, in order to cover their sorry asses, the zionists and their bosses' paid scribbling liars are suddenly playing up Hezbollah soldiers as BOTH ├╝bermenchen AND cowardly curs... They just can't accept that their little reign of terror -- literally -- is coming to a swift close. Blame must be apportioned. Scapegoats sought out.

In fact, this is one predictable corollary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the "Evil Empire" behind it -- one big reason I wasn't too broken up about seeing the CCCP's system go bye-bye (tho' it's more complex than that; and we did lose much that we shouldn't've... anyway.)

So I've known for years, Exile, that the zionists would fail the next time the tried to invade Lebanon to take on Hezbollah (unless we mean by 'not failing', that the indiscriminate warcrime carpet-bombing of a defenceless, unarmed country is 'victory'). Because the world has changed -- only not to the benefit of these fascist shits as they keep assuming, being the arrogant, overbearing, manipulative prix they are. By the above, we see that they still don't want to believe it -- viz. the brazen, ugly spectacles in the U.S. Congress, etc. Praise Marx I only get limited exposure to this degrading, demoralizing garbage second-hand, thru the Internet... No wonder they intend to censor it completely. But they'll fail there too, ultimately (after the usual initial totalitarian 'successes').

This is a seriously, dangerously, dysfunctional world system we suffer under, and it's unravelling fast. But what makes me smile the most anyway is the sure knowledge that organizations and peoples from one end of the planet to the other have got a bigger, fatter clue now how to fuck with these bastards. And I mean really, seriously do them BigTime damage when they come looking for trouble and itching to kill innocents and the armed alike. And so Hezbollah and Nasrallah have earned themselves a permanent place in the history boox.

Since people must die -- let it cost the imperialists everything.

29 July 2006 at 08:15  

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