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20 July 2006
Political storm clouds over Mexico
This blog has not commented much on the recent Mexican elections. Largely this is due to the writer's recent operation, and his inablitly to get out on the street and actually talk to people.

First things first, it looks as if Felipe Calderon of the Northern based, Catholic National Action Party (PAN) won the presidency by about 250,000 votes. The leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) under Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is contesting the results and demanding a recount.

So far, so normal, but the problem is that things are going on under the surface that barely make it into the local press, let alone the international. Put simply, the PRD seems to be laying the groundwork for a campaign that will take opposition to the new president onto the streets; that is if the poor sod even manages to get sworn-in come the 1st December.

Flyposters are being put up that state: ¡Haz patria: mata a Felipe! This roughly translates as, For your country: kill Felipe!

Slowly but surely the country is starting to divide as life-long friendships are coming unstuck. An uncle of this writer's wife plays Sunday football for a local team as part of an over 50s league. The geriatrics who form the team decided to go along to the city centre next weekend to support the PRD campaign - all except Uncle Manuel. For this he has been forced to resign from the team.

Parts of Mexico City that rarely see a demonstration are seeing thousands of people mobilised against the PAN victory. The boroughs that are most affected are either the most marginalised, or the most rural.

It could all blow over, especially if Lopez Obrador cuts some deal with the new government, but failing that the situatiuon looks interesting to say the least.

It's not for this gringo to decide, but he thinx México is certainly LONG overdue for another revolution.
As is the United States. This neoliberal crap -- not to mention the sleaze, corruption and murder -- has gone on way too long.

28 July 2006 at 19:19  

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