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31 July 2006
Major regional war now a possibility
The main reason why a ceasefire is so urgent needed along the Lebanese-Israeli border is the fear that if one doesn't come soon then the war could spread. There are signs that this is what is starting to happen. The Israeli's bombed a border crossing into Syria that led to the closure of that border point. Luckily for all concerned the bombs fell about half a mile inside Lebanon, but sooner or later the Israeli bombs could land the same distance inside Syria.

If that happens then the Syrians could decide to take the hit and try to keep their heads down. On the other hand they might find that Iran is only too willing to keep to its treaty obligations with Syria, and the Iranian armed forces go into action against the Israelis. Or they could lunge into Iraq and attack the Americans.

Either way the wars in Iraq and Lebanon would merge into one big regional conflict, with an end result that cannot be predicted.

This is what I myself fully expected from the beginning: WWIII -- or at least the overture to it; because the U.S. oligarchs can't gain control of the world without defeating anyone and everyone who dares defy their imperial might -- and that is just about everyone on the planet now. The Empire doesn't just Strike Back; it Strikes First now.

The surians don't have a good recent record when it comes to coming to the aid of victims of U.S.-zionist aggression -- but then, they've been vanquished a few times too many (among other limitations); and who was helping them? Here, they're pretty much forced to do the "right" thing, more or less. As are many régimes now, which don't want to tip the scales too far from the demands of their furious, better-informed, had-enuff citizenry.

I'm sure the surians have no intentions of starting anything; but I'm sure they've been preparing for the inevitable for years now too. I just hope the rooskies -- and the iranis -- have been feeding them oodles of the latest SAMS for years now. Gotta take out those drones, apaches and F-16s: short of nukes -- what good is satellite intelligence if your delivery systems can't "deliver"..?

But I wonder how many cruise missiles the zionists have? Or when the Imperialists will declare war themselves?

Stay tuned, eh?

3 August 2006 at 09:08  

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